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Sonja Colman

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Sonja’s passion is simply helping people to eat more healthily to feel better.  Focusing on simple steps, to create new habits and sustainable change, she loves a challenge and is continually studying and researching, as well as developing new recipes to help her clients with specific goals.

She works with groups and individuals, as well as running events with her partner Caelia Butcher.


Sonja is also trustee for The Hands of Hope Charity, based in Hawkhurst, Kent.  Hands of Hope focus on supporting communities dealing with food poverty and social isolation.  Sonja’s role is to drive their nutrition strategy – with a farm to fork philosophy, she is building a programme that includes support with the charity’s market garden and launching their cook school.


Caelia Butcher


Caelia’s passion is helping people to relax and build strength both physically and mentally through the practices of different yoga disciplines and a range of breathing and sensory techniques.  She specialises in stress and anxiety management and working with her clients individually, online and through classes and workshops. She also gives a lot of time supporting organisations with therapeutic yoga for both adults and children with learning disabilities.


They come together, as often as they can to run wellness events:  themed days at Tillingham Wines, corporate events, retreats, celebratory events at different venues, or they come to you as part of a wider event you are running.

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