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Does Yoga really help with stress and anxiety management?

Unfortunately, stress and anxiety are something we are all familiar with.

Stress can quickly take over if not dealt with properly, leaving us feeling overwhelmed, anxious, and drained. Not only can stress impact us mentally and emotionally, but it can also affect our physical health as well.

When stress builds up, our body takes the hit. Ultimately we are still “cave men” trying to deal with a digital/technological world, we are not designed to be living such a sedentary lifestyle with the amount of information, sensory overload and constant pressure we deal day to day.

Previously we would have run or fought the immediate danger that our nervous system/bodies perceive therefore burning off the rush of hormones (such as cortisol) but now we are stuck behind our desks or the wheel of the car, we still have all the same biological responses but not longer have the opportunity to run/burn off these hormones. We don’t get chance to release the stress from our bodies.This stress has to go somewhere & ultimately we end up paying the price - mentally, emotionally and physically.

Breathwork, meditation and movement are all essential forms of stress/anxiety relief.

An estimated 31% of adults experience a form of an anxiety disorder at some point in their lives and 62% percent of adults in the United States (US offer more stats hence the use) utilise some form of complementary and alternative medical treatment.

The benefits of physical activity and exercise are well known. They include, improving sleep quality, balance, and muscle strength; lowering blood pressure; management and illness prevention (including type 2 diabetes, obesity, heart disease, osteoporosis, stroke, etc.); and promoting mental health, specifically anxiety and depression.

Studies reveal that this reduction in anxiety and depression from physical activity is related to the release of endorphins and the arousal of the sympathetic nervous system.

Like exercise, anxiety increases sympathetic arousal, causing bodily reactions such as increased heart rate and hyperventilating. These same responses to exercise may increase a level of tolerance for being in this state of alert.

Likewise breathing technique are receiving ever increasing popularity for their ability to reduce anxiety, as is meditation.

Zoogman et al (2019) noted that it is this connection of both the body and the mind, that is thought to reduce symptoms of anxiety.

Although all of us whom practice yoga know that yoga is so much more than exercise, it certainly can also be classed under this umbrella within research. At the same time yoga incorporates breathing exercises, with mindfulness intrinsic to the practice.

So YES, yoga is the perfect anecdote for todays crazy world!!

It’s suitable for EVERYONE & EVERYBODY regardless of ability or flexibility.

Yoga has so much more to offer!

Please do contact Caelia for further information or try a 121 session to gain confidence before joining a class!

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